Monday, March 14, 2011

The gutless wonder

Everybody knows the guy. He's selfish-and usually talentless as well. He's the first person to jump off of a sinking ship or stab you in the back. He's the one who talks tough and then knocks over old ladies and the handicapped to escape a burning building.
I was thinking about someone like this today. I despise disloyal people, yet they make me laugh. They must have such a low level of self esteem. They are the first to bail when the going gets tough, yet love to talk about their heroic acts to anybody willing to listen.This town is filled with them, especially when it comes to local politics.

I remember two years ago at the Labor Day Parade on McKinley Parkway in South Buffalo. All these tough talking Irishmen standing in Byron Brown's entourage looking like fools. "I can't support one of my neighbors. I might get in trouble." The Comerfords, Scanlons, Lewis, etc. were all there, trading their 30 pieces of silver for whatever was left of their pride. Then, there are the people who try to play both sides. I actually have less respect for this special breed of humans. They tell two opposing candidates they are on each of their sides. "I have a sign for your opponent on my lawn, but don't worry. I'm with you. I have to put up that sign or I could lose my job." How people can say things like this and not realize they are hypocrites is beyond me.

You have to love adults that are afraid they might get "in trouble" if they say or do certain things. Rats jumping off of a sinking ship is the image that comes to mind. If they want to go through life being mediocre wusses, they can be my guest. I'd rather be in a foxhole with a ravenous wolf than with cowards like them...


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