Thursday, March 10, 2011

Downtown stabbings

Leaders and bar owners in the following news story talk about the violence on Chippewa Street. The club owner at the Town Ballroom had 36 security guards at a recent rap concert, where two people were stabbed in separate incidents. One of them was seriously injured. According to a witness here, there were 5 or 6 separate fights going on on the dance floor at one time. The Reverend Darius Pridgen is calling for stricter security laws at concerts.

Does Pridgen think they should have a security guard for every concert goer? I feel bad for the victim in this assault. However, let's face reality. If there is a rap concert with no violence, that would be a news story. The fact is, several people decided to fight at the concert, probably with pre existing disputes, some had knives, and were intent on using them. The only people to blame here are the people who decided to assault other people.

There are certain groups that seem to attract violence. If you have two motorcycle gangs in one place, you are going to have violence. The same goes for white supremacist groups (ie skinheads) in Europe. Unfortunately, if you have a rap concert with lots of young black males in attendance, there is great potential for violence in this country. In this clip, you now have a mother with a seriously injured son, because the real issues causing the violence (poverty, unemployment, the breakdown of the family, etc) are never seriously discussed. Instead of personal responsibility, the onus is put on whether there are enough security guards and metal detectors...

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