Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three stooges

Tim "Hortons"Kennedy, Brian "High Pants"Higgins, and Tim "Einstein" Whalen are probably icing their arms after spending two hours patting each other on the back for putting up a few streetlights on South Park Avenue. To hear these clowns talk, you'd think they were the ones climbing the poles and putting them up...

“The progress we see today and the work continuing this spring was made possible through the tenacity of Senator Kennedy, who made this initiative a priority and fought for its success every step of the way”, said his royal High Pants.

“The revitalization of South Park Avenue is making a significant impact on South Buffalo’s economy and on neighborhood morale. This project is an example of what can be accomplished when the community works together to achieve a collective goal,” said County Legislator Timothy J. Whalen. “We’re seeing progress in South Buffalo, but our efforts are just beginning. I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues who helped make this project happen – especially Senator Kennedy, Congressman Higgins and Mayor Brown – to help grow our economy.”

I found it in poor taste that they didn't mention Councilman Mickey Kearns or Assemblyman Mark Schroeder. I guess when you're independent and serve the people, those part of the political machine don't want anything to do with you. Keep up the great work Mark and Mickey. Immediately after the ceremony, Higgins, Kennedy, and Whalen went over to Chris Lee's house and joined him in a game of naked Twister...

Senator Kennedy Announces Construction Resumes on South Park Avenue

"What are you taking a bath for? It aint Saturday."


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