Monday, March 28, 2011

Florida snakes multiplying

Scientists predicted an extremely cold winter would kill off all the non-native Burmese pythons that have made the Florida Everglades their new home thanks to exotic pet guy. Oops. From the Sun-Sentinel...

Record freezes and a fearsome drought have failed to kill off the Burmese pythons that have colonized the Everglades Six of the non-native, constricting snakes were found last week in sections of the Everglades in which they had not turned up before, including an area north of Alligator Alley. This further dashed hopes by scientists that the past winter's cold weather could kill off the snakes, which are native to the warmer climate of southern Asia.

First the Florida pythons, then the New York City alligators under the sewers. What's next? If scientists really want to get rid of the snakes, forget St. Patrick or the pied piper. They need to contact this guy immediately...,0,1761461.story



  1. cobra escaped today from the bronx zoo

  2. Oh, man. that's pretty crazy. I hope it bites Michael Bloomberg.