Saturday, March 12, 2011

55 is the new 30 (hours, that is)


Our quote of the week comes from Superintendent James Williams' chief of staff, former Buffalo resident James Kane: Because they are not in a union, they can put in longer hours, he said. "I'm probably in the 55-hour range [per week], myself. Some weeks I go over," he said.

Bahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahaahha! 55 hour months, maybe. You could combine Kane's weekly hours with his sister's (Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Kane-Lockwood's,


and it still wouldn't amount to 55 hours a week!

James Kane has the ear of a select few in the local political crowd. The Blogger has the ear of thousands of fed up Buffalo school parents and teachers. I think it might be time to get a petition going asking Dr. Williams to resign and take Kano with him. Respect is a two way street and enough is enough.


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