Tuesday, March 1, 2011

S. Buffalo pill popper busted robbing drug store

Here we have a class act. A South Buffalo druggie stealing painkillers so he can sell them to other South Buffalo druggies. I wonder why more people don't become drug dealers? It always seems to work out so well. You can live in your mother's basement until you either get shot or sent away for 15 years (usually before your mid 20s).Michael McCallum, 25, who is no relation to former Navy Midshipman/former Oaklan Raider Napoleon McCallum, was arrested after stealing 1,300 pills the other day...
A South Buffalo man was arrested this morning on charges that he robbed more than 1,300 painkiller pills from a pharmacy and has been selling them on the streets.

Michael D. McCallum, 25, was taken into custody about 10 a.m. by agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Buffalo Police.

He is accused of robbing the Clinton Pharmacy, 2032 Clinton St., on Dec. 31 and then selling stolen oxycodone pills to addicts. He also is accused of illegally possessing drugs with intent to distribute.

DEA charges South Buffalo man with stealing painkillers


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