Monday, March 7, 2011

The blogger gets angry in March...

You want to see something funny? Listen to this imbecile. He can't even read the words others have written for him. I taught 2nd grade Special Education students today who can read more clearly than this moron you sent to the New York State Senate. Here he is honoring the McKinley Circle Queen for her years of harassing neighborhood children and garage sale operators, err, I mean years of community service.

I'll tell you this. The McKinley Circle Lady might represent a few, select people from the Abbott/St. Martin's neighborhoods. She doesn't represent most of the people I know and she certainly doesn't represent me. They need to take that ugly immigrant statue of hers and throw it into Caz Creek where it belongs. My great grandfather was Irish and I doubt he or his peers were as arrogant as her or her political friends. Do you people realize you are municipal workers and not orthopedic surgeons? What right do you have to look down on anyone?

Tim "Hortons" Kennedy and the Circle Lady think everyone is Irish, everyone is Catholic, everyone works for the city, everyone worships "High Pants" Higgins, and goes to Timon or Mercy. Screw both of them. They can both take their corn beef and cabbage and choke on it for all I care. Kennedy is a borderline disabled, babbling idiot and the Circle Lady lost her mind sometime during the last potato famine. Community service my ass. When is this blog going to honored for "community togetherness?"It's been bringing people together since 2009, and oh by the way, St. Patrick was Italian so why don't you go piss off?...



  1. when kennedy was running for assembly they said he lost 20 lbs walking door to door. I see he put it all back on plus some. I don't know this RYAN guy, but i don't remember electing him mayor of south buffalo.

  2. More importantly, how much time in each day do our elected officials spend on such nonsense? Having worked in Washington, I can tell you it is too much. Stroking egos of constituents may get you votes, but it has nothing to do with good government. Then again, who said any of the semi-retarded sent to Albany, or any other legislative hub, are about good government. Cuffy Meigs here is a good example.