Friday, March 4, 2011

He's not a doctor but he plays one on TV

On Wednesday, Superintendent James Williams told channel 2's Josh Boose he would quit before accepting the governor's proposed pay cut to $175,000/yr. Yesterday, he curiously accused the media of making it up...

On about the third go-round, a TV reporter asked the superintendent: "If a new contract was given to you today, and the cap was $175,000, would you stay?"

"No, I would not stay," Williams replied.

By Thursday morning, however, the superintendent contradicted himself — and accused the media of "making up" reports that he said he would leave if the salary cap went into effect.

Here is the video that the media "made up" where Dr. Williams clearly says what they reported he said. If one of the goals of this blog was to drive Dr. Williams and local residency violator James Kane insane, I have to say mission accomplished. Wait a minute. Is that Memphis on the line?

Williams retracts possible exit


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