Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angry Urkel

I have to take Deputy Mayor Brown's side on this one. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is an elitist tool, who has basically bought his way into a leadership position. Once in this position, he has proven time and time again to be a miserable failure. He says the dumbest things on a pretty consistent basis. He only represents a select few from Manhattan and not the rest of New York City. His efforts at snow removal were laughable. They were finding dead New Yorkers in the snow, two weeks after the storm hit. For a man with Presidential aspirations, he keeps putting his foot into his mouth.

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt loves Bloomberg's money. He's the first one to say Bloomberg "misspoke." He didn't misspeak. He said exactly what he was thinking. The fact that Sam Hoyt is his Western New York spokesman, speaks to Bloomberg's incompetence. Who would pick a fool like Hoyt to speak for them? Here is Deputy Mayor Brown's well publicized hissy fit. He never talked like this when he was on Family Matters...

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