Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad strategy by union leader

I, for one, think the real enemies in the class war going on in the U.S. today are the bankers, lobbyists, and hedge fund types. I think teachers and first responders are being unfairly pitted against the private sector working class by the aforementioned scumbags. Having said that, I don't think Buffalo Firefighters Union President Dan Cunningham is going to win any support from the general public with his latest negotiating strategy. Cunningham is urging all Buffalo Firefighters to switch insurance plans from the cheapest to the most costly ones (the one with all the plastic surgery nonsense)....

Union President Daniel Cunningham on Tuesday said more than 400 firefighters are still signed up for lower-cost insurance plans. He told the Common Council's Finance Committee that the union plans to urge members to change plans.

"We're going to ask each and every member of ours to sign up for the [more costly plan] with the cosmetic rider, so I can make myself look a little bit prettier," Cunningham said.

If all firefighters currently enrolled in the less expensive health plans opted for top-of-the-line coverage, it would likely cost the city at least $2.5 million annually.

What's happening in Wisconsin could easily happen here. The time may come when Public Employee Unions might need the support of the general public. Sophomoric tactics like this, which cost the taxpayers money, will not help their cause. Times are very tough. Do I think the mayor's people are negotiating in good faith? No way. However, all this is going to do is cast the firefighters' union in a negative light with their neighbors, who are struggling every day to pay their bills...

Union will urge firefighters to opt for most costly health plan


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  1. very dumb thing to say,we need all the support we can get. he's frustrated the city has no intention of ever really working on a contract but this was embarrassing