Friday, March 4, 2011

Did Derenda tip off drug dealers?

Looks like police Commissioner Dan Derenda inadvertently tipped off drug dealers by telling the members of the Police Reorganization, "something big is going down next week."

The funniest part of this clip is channel 2's Dave McKinley attempting to speak jive when reading the wiretapped conversations of the drug dealers. McKinley strikes me as a Mike Cejka/Chris Lee waiting to happen. Keep your eyes on him. Word...


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  1. Another fine example of what happens when you appoint political hacks with double-digit IQ's to positions of vital importance. I know the Commissioner very well, and I can assure you his limited mental capabilities and lack of formal education make him more suited for cleaning toilets than running the second largest police department in New York State. However, if you're a cocky hustler with plenty of cash to throw around, Byron Brown will appoint you to any position you desire.