Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is he still in charge of the commission?

If you're the chairman of the city's Police Reorganization Commission, it's probably not a good idea if your part time job is major cocaine dealer...

The interim chairman of a city commission studying police reorganization was arrested early this morning when federal agents rounded up several members of the Afro Dogs motorcycle club in a major cocaine investigation.

Ricky M. Allen Sr., a business owner who was elected in January as interim chairman of the Buffalo Joint Commission to Examine Police Reorganization, was arrested at his home about 6 a.m.

Allen was appointed by University Councilmember Bonnie Russell, who says she really didn't know too much about Allen before appointing him to this major commission. That makes a lot of sense. That sound you hear is the sound of Russell covering her tracks. Russell's husband is a judge. Sigh...

You also have to give credit to the Police Department leaders. One of the people arrested today was J. Lockwood, the brother of Deputy Commissioner Byron Lockwood. He obviously wasn't given preferential treatment.

Police commission member arrested in cocaine bust



  1. Bonnie Russell is an imbecile.

    Off Topic: Who the fuck hired the contractor (or is it the city doing a bang up job) to do the sewage work on Hopkins? I know it's a city street. It's a god damn mess along with every other major thoroughfare in the city. It has been going on for close to a year. If it's not repaved by May whomever was the point man/women on this obvious cluster fuck should be tied to a bumper and dragged down Hopinks, up Tift to McKinley and over that crater that has been opening for 15 years at Tift and McKinley.

    The Suspension System of Sean C's 2003 Camry

  2. At least Mickey Kearns appointed Sheriff Higgins which was a great choice instead of a drug dealer.