Friday, April 30, 2010

Schroeder calls Silver ‘obstructionist’ on UB’s 2020 program : State : The Buffalo News

I wish more people from the Western New York delegation would speak out against Sheldon Silver. Mark Schroeder recently labeled Silver an obstructionist for killing a plan to help the expansion efforts at UB. Joe Bruno is awaiting a jail cell and hopefully, his partner in crime Silver will not be too far behind. They should give those two and the governor their own cell so they can really be the "three men in a room." From the news article:

“If the speaker is not being an obstructionist, he should bring the bill to the floor for a full house vote,” Schroeder said.
In Buffalo, it is seen as benefiting the downtown health corridor. UB has said its plans will create nearly 7,000 jobs.

It is clear Silver's interests lie in Manhattan. He probably couldn't find Buffalo on a map yet he has considerable influence over the lives of all Western New Yorkers. It's time for him to go. We need to send this clown packing. Just look at the picture of this freak.

More than 40 Democrats have pledged to support the Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act, he said, and Republicans have told him they can provide 38 votes — enough to pass the legislation if brought to the floor.
Silver and other Democrats from New York City oppose the measure, which will largely help the upstate-based SUNY system, Schroeder said.

Western New York gets screwed over again because it's needs don't fit in with the needs of New York city politicians. Sheldon Silver should be put in Attica.
Schroeder calls Silver ‘obstructionist’ on UB’s 2020 program : State : The Buffalo News

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  1. Mark schroeder lost ALL credibility when he endorsed Byron Brown.