Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letters to the editor- voter angst

Three letters of disgust in today's paper... People are finally starting to get fed up. Maybe something drastic is going to happen soon. I'm waiting for some organized egg throwing at these clowns and their goofy followers.

Dysfunction in Albany is destroying New York

When I was in high school in the late ’60s, in Colorado, my teacher would read stories in civics class about Jimmy Hoffa and New York politics. I remember the class laughing and thinking that he must be making up these maniacal stories. Two years ago I moved back to Western New York to be near my children. Some of my high school friends are still laughing about the boondoggle in Albany last year when Pedro Espada switched parties and put the Senate in turmoil not for a day, not for a week, but for a month. He returned to his original party only when the party made him Senate majority leader and gave his son a six-figure job, which he was not qualified for and eventually quit.

Even Sen. Dale Volker was quoted in this newspaper, “There has never been a time in my career that has ever been more dysfunctional.” Volker spends more money running his office each year ($1.5 million) than an average teacher will make in 32 years. I am a retired teacher and I pay four times the state income taxes in New York than in Colorado. The corruption in Albany is disgraceful. Why anyone would vote for an incumbent is an enigma to me. Since New York does not require an ID to vote, I am sure there are many dead New Yorkers still voting. I do believe that if we voted out the incumbents, Albany couldn’t be nearly as dysfunctional and corrupt. Please keep that in mind in November.
Doug Dolan

Don’t let incumbents run for office unchallenged

The News’ lead story on April 21 is that there is no one in Western New York who will step up to run against the sorry group of incumbents who purport to represent us. I never expected proud Western New Yorkers to be afraid to even get into a fight. This is about freedom. Weren’t you paying attention as the smug, sorry local representatives were on TV laughing and joking as they clamped down on our freedoms? Somebody step up and run! Where is a Jack Kemp-type when we need one?
Diane Harrington

Patronage abounds at Water Authority

Imagine that, Water Authority commissioner candidates are more politically qualified than professionally qualified. Every time The News prints these literary marvels of political patronage “puke fests,” it should be required to paste the face of the offenders also. I would pray that the public, as well as God, sees all. Maybe I could get the commissioner’s job? I fixed a plumbing leak once or twice. Or does that make me overqualified?

Frank Kolbmann


  1. Dale Volker is an old piece of dog shit... there is a video out there of him trying to crowbarring into the press conference when the 190 tolls were removed. He attempts to take credit but Don Esmonde calls him out and points out that he had nothing to do with it.... IT'S GREAT!

  2. yea. he's been in albany for 100 years with no results. he has no shame and i'm not surprised he did that. i think hoyt was there too, and a few others. i'll look for that clip.