Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad press can't stop Paladino's message

Carl Paladino has said from day one: he's not a politician and he's not politically correct. The reporters have the right to ask him questions about the off color emails he forwarded. He didn't write them but did forward them. However, I feel it's an attempt by the insiders to try and smear him as he gains momentum in the race for governor.

What's worse? The emails he forwarded or the way these clowns have run New York state into the ground with their corrupt behavior for decades? A few years ago, it would have been guys like Eliot Spitzer saying Paladino should apologize for being sexist. We all saw what he was doing behind closed doors. Then, you got Sam Hoyt writing poorly written love letters to his college interns. How long has that guy been a parasite to the taxpayers? Then, there was Republican Assemblyman Mike Cole from Clarence and his misgivings. To say nothing about former Congressman Eric "the tickler" Messa from Corning, rolling around on the floor with his male staffers, while you and I pay his salary.

Paladino is now viewed as a serious threat by both Democrats and Republicans. They keep saying he doesn't have any specific plans to change things, as if they do. He has decided to run to try and shake things up. This latest smear attempt is simply a smokescreen to try and keep you from talking about the real issues facing New York state. High taxes, a corrupt government, and a lack of decent jobs. Paladino is talking about these things and the career politicians don't like it. It's not good for their free ride on the gravy train and they fear he might expose their real corruptness. I'm a registered Democrat. But if he pays me $5, I'll switch parties and vote for him in the primary.

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