Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Congressmen face little or no opposition

The founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves. We have the health care crises, high taxes, ridiculous spending, and a different scandal every week. Yet, the system is set up to protect the incumbants. They set up their districts so that they are party friendly. They pay off big groups and certain political hacks. Our own Brian Higgins pays Rick Finnigan $20,000/year to collect signatures for him and put up signs. He has Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Lockwood as an $80,000 secretary while you and I struggle to pay our bills.

Despite serious problems in our region for decades, all three congressional representatives will face little or no opposition this fall. If the system was fair, there would be someone willing to run. Unfortunately, it will take something very serious to change this.

House in disrepute, but area incumbents have little to fear : Home: The Buffalo News

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