Tuesday, April 20, 2010

crime stats 4/12-4/18

Monday April 12th

1 Cazenovia park---larceny---known person stole skateboard.
125 Fredro--Burglary--cash stolen.
128 Cambria--Garage Burglary--from Oct 09 to April 2010 --unknown persons stole snowblower and mower.
462 Elk-larceny--2 hubcaps stolen off van.
92 Norman--larceny from a car--Garmin-GPS,IPod,Cobra Radar detector stolen.
39 Mt Vernon--larceny--license plate stolen.
39 Mt Vernon--larceny--Ipod touch stolen by known person.
33 Littel--1 arrest--DWI--Mark Reska..Buckwheat rd...Alden.
18 Zittel--RUUV
1 Fulton--Counterfeit Money
21 Eaglewood--tresspassing--suspects listed.
Minton/Smith--1 arrest--drugs---Dennis F Conley..Vincennes
1166 Abbott--RUUV
1121 Seneca--1 arrest--DWI--Willie Rosenthal...Southside pkwy
149 Selkirk--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday April 13th

2066 Clinton--Gang Assault---1 arrest--Keanna Jemison..E Amherst,
50 Kingston--crim mis/larceny--damage to door,change stolen.
22 Leamington--larceny--computer,cell phoe and cash stolen--possible suspects listed.
2010 Seneca--larceny--1 arrest---Quentell Suttles...Stevens st..stole flat screen tv on 4-8-10.
12 Barnard--larceny----wheel barrell stolen.
1619 S Park--crim mis--painted poured on windows.
77 Edson--Contempt of Court Order--1 arrest---Richard R Vieira....Seneca St
70 Hayden--Crim mis/Harassment---1 arrest--Sean Thomas..Cascade...Amherst
114 Aldrich--threats witha knife---1 arrest--Charles W Mobus
100 Alsace--RUUV
400 Willet--Assault--suspect listed.
1014 Abbott--Contempt of Court Order--warrant card issued.
131 Walter--Contempt of Court Order--suspect listed.
50 Kingston--crim mis--suspect listed.
122 Geary--Crim mis.

Wednesday April 14th

136 Cazenovia--larceny--Ryobi weedwacker stolen from back of truck.
842 Abbott--UUV
Bailey/S Park--UUV
95 Dorothy--larceny---copper stolen from dumpster.
2301 S park--larceny from a car--dual cd/radio stolen by W/F.
Abbott/Woodside--larceny--book bag stolen from car.
665 Perry--larceny--wallet stolen from breakroon at Tyson.
62 Republic--larceny--cell phone stolen.
34 Coronada--larceny--medication stolen from coat pocket.
2066 Clinton st-1 arrest for gang assault --John Mullen.Aldrich st
332 Germania--crim mis to a car--driverside window broken.
2188 Seneca--harassment--warrant card issued.
1942 S Park--crim mis--window broken.
226 Myrtle--ID theft
97 Meridan--harassment--warrant card issued.
462 Weimar--crim mis--plants damaged
358 Germania--crim mis to a car--front drivers window broken.
89 Lakewood--crim mis--driver side mirror broken.
150 Southside(South Park)--harassment--suspect listed.
Smith/Seneca--Assault--child hit by W/M riding a bike
707 S Division--crim mis--brick thrown thru front window.
39 Fredro--Assault from 4-7-10--1 arrest--Sarah Maymi..S Park
837 Tifft--1 arrest--possesion of weapon(knife)--Sean White..Remoleno
1200 Fuhrman(Tifft Farms)--crim mis/larceny from a car--3 W/M 19-20-driving late 80's tan / brown..possible Chrysler Lebaron with a loud muffler--broke car window and stole TOM-TOM Gps,cash.

Thursday April 15th

40 Dingens--harassment--suspect listed.
2066 Clinton--Burglary--door forced open---DVD/Vcr,clothes,convertor box...bleach poured all over.
24 Troupe--stabbing--unk persons stabbed victim with steak knife in the hand.
US Sugar(Bailey Ave)--larceny--generator stolen--van recovered at Fillmore/Harwood place.
942 McKinley--Attempt Larceny from a car--1 arrest--Sean Wisniewski....City Mission.
1460 S Park--shoplifting---1 arrest---Regina Rozler...Olcott st
1070 Seneca--crim mis/larceny--150ft electric cord cut and stolen from work site.
Dorrance/Abbott--2 arrests--drugs--Jennifer A Halik..McKInley...Blasdell,Jamie Lachance..Hubbell
72 Fillmore--harassment--warrant card issued
1 Cazenovia--crim mis--2 windows damaged by BB gun pellets.
7 Zittel--crim mis/harassment--1 arrest---James Rozell...Flohr ..W Seneca
Bailey/William--1 arrest--DWI--Terrie Allen...Roma ave
24 Altruria--crim mis--vehicle scratched.

Friday April 16th

7 Zittel--threats--suspect listed.
2330 Seneca--1 arrest--drugs--Akram Aldairi..Fredro,David Custard..Edson
718 Hopkins--Burglary--locked bedroom entered...medication stolen.
7 Zittel--harassment---warrant card issued.
9 Downing--larceny--suspect listed.
468 Southside--crim contempt--warrant card issued.
7 Zittel--Assault--suspect listed.
29 Woodside--tresspassing
16 S Cedar--fight--1 arrest--Cecilo Colon
1989 S Park--RUUV
E Market st--RUUV
241 SEneca st--1 arrest--drugs--Search Warrant on a car---Rodney Johnson...Fulton st

Saturday April 17th

688 Abbott--larceny--bike stolen.
William/Bailey--V&T/Drugs--1 arrest---Anthony Parsons..Haven st
117 Richfield--Assault--Thomas D Bukolt
995 Exchange--Burglary--tv,stereo,10 pair sneakers stolen.
41 Duerstein--Assault---suspect listed.
571 Louisianna-1 arrest--DWI--Shannon Cross...Kensington
25 Stevenson--fraud/larceny--unauthorized withdraw from bank account.
77 Sheffield--crim mis--driverside mirror broken off.
Foot of Smith--RUUV
134 Amber--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear driver side window---PS3 stolen.
31 Cliff--larceny--cash stolen--suspect listed.
1251 Fuhrman--Accident injury--1 arrest--DWI--Jesica Brown..Domedian Ave
A District--1 arrest---warrant from Lackawanna PD---Timothy Jones...Blaine ave

Sunday April 18th

South Park/Woodside--crim mis--1 arrest---Barry Hassett..Altruria st
1979 Seneca--Burglary--unknown person threw large rock,breaking front window,enterd and stole medication.
Seneca/Duerstein--2 arrests--Drugs---Jamal Griffin...Duerstein,David Vines.Duerstein.--crack recovered,scale recovered.
108 Macamley--Assault--suspect listed.
9 Downing--1 arrest for larceny from 4-16-10---Christopher Cammilleri
19 Fairview--Burgalry--1 arrest---Gary Colvin...Troupe st
109 Ryan--larceny from a car--MP-3 player,car radio stolen.
38 Crystal--larceny from a car--Sirus satellite radio,IPOD,medication stolen.
77 Southside---crim mis/larceny from a car--Sony speakers & Amp stolen
106 Spaulding--Assault--suspect listed.

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