Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corruption is alive and well at the Water Authority

We keep hearing how broke Erie County is. Then, we find out the blowhard commisioner of the Water Authority, Frank Swiatek, created a $300,000 golden parachute for the executive director Robert Mendez(were he to be fired). What a joke. I read in the paper how board candidate John ODonnell was proud of his family's years of "public service". Public service? Is that what you call raping the taxpayers for five generations? How about public disservice? Go away, nerd. Watch Buffalo attorney John Elmore in this clip. The channel 2 reporter asks the candidates basic questions from the authority's website. Elmore refuses to be interviewed and tries the old trick of continually pressing the elevator button (in hopes that it will arrive quicker). The worst might be Swiatek who looks very confused when confronted with basic questions. Keep in mind, he's a current board member.Talk about corruption in WNY. Look at these quasi-government agencies. The Water Authority, Thruway Authority, Sewer Authority, etc.

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