Friday, April 9, 2010

South Park Lake Beaver

I went for a walk around South Park Lake tonight and captured this close footage of a very large beaver. There were actually three of them. I lost this one for a second at around 1:10 but found him two seconds later when he appeared about six inches from my feet. This thing looked 4 feet long. I cannot believe I didn't scream like a girl. Had I read this before I saw him, I don't think I would have gotten so close :Beavers are hard for an animal to kill because they can dodge into one of their plunge holes. Sometimes a beaver will bite its enemy with its sharp teeth and drag their enemy to the water to drown...

OK. How could I possibly show this footage without showing this classic scene from The Naked Gun? Quick:Leslie Nielson? Is he dead or Canadian? Look below the screen for the answer.

(He's not dead. The 84 year old actor was born in Regina, Saskatchewan.)

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