Friday, April 9, 2010

Friends don't let Friends live in West Seneca

It always amuses me when one of these groups form to oppose Senior apartments or group homes. It's never politically correct for them to state the real reasons for their opposition so they use thinly veiled excuses to keep out minorities, the handicapped, or the elderly. More than 2,000 people in West Seneca signed a petition opposing the proposed Senior apartments at the Houghton College satellite campus citing concerns about "an increase in traffic." Oh, did I mention that some of these seniors might be poor? Increase in traffic! The neighbors are worried that their property values might go down. I saw some of the protestors on the news. After looking at them for 20 seconds, I think deflating property values should be the least of their concerns. From the Buffalo News:

Some West Senecans told News reporter Mary Pasciak that the land should have a more upscale use. But Rhonda Frederick of People Inc., the nonprofit group that develops senior housing, told me that a previous plan in another part of the town also got slapped down.

What qualifies as "upscale" in West Seneca? A Dollar General store? This is just like the story a few months ago involving the town of Orchard Park. Hey West Seneca, you're not wealthy enough to be snobby and not cultured enough to know what upscale even means. Let the old fogies move in.

Donn Esmonde: West Senecans needn’t fear senior citizens : Donn Esmonde : The Buffalo News

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  1. West Seneca is full of Polack yahoos and people from South Buffalo who wish they had the money to relocate to Orchard Park--the Irish-American Beverly Hills and home to the over-mortgaged poor with upper middle class aspirations!