Monday, April 5, 2010

crime stats 3/29-4/4

Monday March 29th

469 Abbott---UUV
540 Willet--Burglary--window on door broke,small safe containing cash and IPod touch stolen
25 Ensign(Premier Towing)---Burglary--chain cut on main gate,Honda gas generator stolen.
39 S Ryan--larceny--motorcycle license plate stolen.
1894 Seneca--larceny--medication stolen from purse.
127 Hollywood--larceny from a car--Tom Tom GPS,IPod stolen
151 Hollywood--crim mis to a car---lock removed from door to truck,molding also damaged.
1 Ryan--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken--purse & coat stolen.
123 Kimberly--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers door damaged,panasonic CD/Stereo stolen.
142 Whitfield--crim mis/larceny from a car--window pryed open--GPS,credit card stolen.
222 Cumberland--crim mis--lawn damaged by car.
1575 Clinton--crim mis---window broken
2157 Seneca--1 arrest--drugs--James Croom jr..Sirrett st
22 Boone--contempt of Court order--warrant card issued.

Tuesday March 30th

214 S Division--crim mis/Arson--brick thrown thru car window and car set on fire.
Hopkins/Crystal--larceny--wallet taken from victims rear pocket.
208 Amber--Burglary--front window forced open--47",37" tv's stolen,Playstation3 and games stolen.
75 Amber--crim mis--vent window broken.
S Park/Louisianna--harassment--warrant card issued.
319 Barnard--phone threats
647 Bailey--threats--565 Abbott--harassment--suspect listed.
1877 Seneca--1 arrest--Drugs--Ray A White..Connelly st
33 Wheelock--threats--suspect listed.

Wednesday March 31st

672 Fulton--harassment
Hopkins/Spaulding--crim mis--1 arrest--Richmond Gibson
Perry/Marvin--1 Arrest--Burglary---Keith Cotton..O'Connell
1189 Clinton--1 arrest--drugs--Robert Glosek..Imson st
22 Spaulding--threats--1 arrest--Chad Gibson...Houston st
2115 Seneca--1 arrest--Posesion of weapon(knife)---Robert E Gajkowski...Riverview pl
469 Abbott--RUUV
17 Kenefick--RUUV
431 S Division--crim mis--windshield broken
565 Abbott(Mercy)--clothing and personal items stolen from closet.
1525 S Park(School #28)--larceny --jacket stolen---1 arrest---Michael Dienno..Willet st
368 Fulton--1 arrest--drugs--Suzette Craver..Kentucky st
S Legion/Stevenson st--1 arrest--drugs--Timothy Straw..Rejtan
99 O'Connell--attempt Burglary--2 W/M's did attempt to enter shed.
1810 Seneca--1 arrest--drugs--Robert Love...Bailey ave

Thursday April 1st

135 Weaver--Burglary--door damaged--X Box 360 & 4 games stolen.
21 Alamo--Burglary--1 arrest--Christopher Wiesner...S Park ave,1 suspect loutstanding.
1989 Seneca--larceny--green mongoose bike stolen.
Buffum/Fields--larceny--trench shields stolen.
1200 Fuhrman(Tifft Farms)--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear ,drivers window broken,purse stolen.
33 Wheelock--threats--1 arrest--Joseph Szczodrowski..Cable st
1872 Seneca--threats--suspect listed.
321 Mystic--harasment
Seneca/Babcock--1 arrest--Drugs from traffic stop--Jose A Luciano...Babcock st

Friday April 2nd

1460 S Park--larceny from a car--Pioneer stereo stolen
391 Exchange--larceny from a car--red brief case stolen
106 Imson--Assault--suspect listed.
57 Hayden--Burglary--basement window broken--watter pipe,water meter stolen.
305 Perry--Burglary/Assault--1 arrest--Jared McLaurin
34 Troupe--larceny--money order stolen from purse.
1500 Clinton--larceny--3 boxes of candy stolen from truck.
10 Cumberland--harassment--suspect listed.
2306 S Park--Assault--1 arrest--Brian Kessel...Eaglewood ave
347 Alabama--1 arrest--drugs--Andrew Lias
48 Hammerschmidt--harassment--suspect listed.
216 Mackinaw--1 arrest--Raymond Felschow..Mackinaw--harassment/disorderly/Obstruction/Resisting arrest.
687 S Ogden--crim mis--rear,drivers window broken.
29 Alleghany--1 arrest--disorderly---Rita J Fumerelle

Saturday April 3rd

356 Hopkins--UUV
40 Hobart--larceny--suspect listed.
McKinley/Abbott--larceny--inspection sticker stolen
1755 Clinton--crim mis/larceny from a car--credit,debit cards and cash stolen.
Clinton/S Ogden--Assault/Crim mis--2 arrests--Eric Dumas..S Ogden,Billy Dumas...S Ogden st.
1028 McKinley--tresspassing--1 arrest---Jonathan R Zangara..Clinton st
1905 Clinton st--crim mis--light broken
2416 Seneca--Fraud--1 arrest--John Ames...Romona..tried to pay with fake $50.00 bill
319 alabama--1 arrest--Possesion of a handgun---Anthony Lee
565 Abbott--Assault--suspect listed.
723 Perry--child endangerment--suspect listed.
Seneca/Babcock--1 arrest--Endangering a child--Isaac Williams Jr...Broadway
106 Imson--Violating Order of Protection--1 arrest--Joseph Kramer ..Willet st

Sunday April 4th

Louisianna/Stannard Aley--Robbery--possible suspects listed.
Louisianna/Stannard Alley--1 arrest--drugs--Jeremy Riker..Euclid28 Magnolia--harassment--suspect listed.
117 Norman--Violating order of protection--suspect listed.
122 Jefferson--Crim mis--suspect listed.
Norman/Seneca--Assault--suspect listed.

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