Thursday, April 22, 2010

Casey's garbage games

Instead of looking inside city hall to save money, Buffalo Mayor Steve Casey has instead directed his efforts towards the garbagemen. I can tell you this. Garbage is a tough job. I worked as a seasonal garbageman in the pre-tote era. These guys work in all sorts of weather and have to deal with getting stuck with needles or having objects fly out of the trucks at them. It is a dangerous job at times.They do more work in 5 hours than most people in city hall do all day.

This is what will happen. Casey will crack down and come up with "reforms" in the sanitation department. The reforms will last for a few months and then everything will go back to normal (because workers will not lift garbage for 7 hours per day). I do agree with Casey that the workers should be more careful about leaving garbage out on the street as well as totes.

I know everyone would love to work a shorter day but very few people could do the work the garbagemen do day in and day out. I hear the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority just hired Crystal Peoples' husband (who also happens to be Leonard Stokes' uncle) as their new "crime prevention specialist." No word on whether Mayor Casey is as outraged over this obvious waste of taxpayers' money.

City aims to revise garbage routes, increase efficiency : City Hall : The Buffalo News

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