Thursday, April 1, 2010

Status Quomo targets pension padders

I give Honest Andrew credit. He looks like he's trying to appease these tea party wackos by coming after "Pension Padders". Meanwhile, all you young people reading this blog will most likely have to leave the state to find a decent job. High pension costs and Medicade are killing this region. Here is a quote from this story:

A Buffalo News investigation conducted in 2008 and 2009 — "Public Pensions: Cashing In" — found a number of examples showing it's not uncommon for Buffalo police and firefighters to retire with pensions that exceed their base pay.
In one example, a Buffalo police officer took in $123,000 in overtime in his final year on the job, bringing his 2007 paycheck to $188,747. The News' investigation found the officer, who had an annual base pay of $58,248, retired with a $105,631 annual pension.

It is not just the police and firemen that do this. It is practiced by anyone that can (doctors, Sheriffs, and Public Works employees). There should have been laws to prevent this nonsense years ago. Your politicians are too busy passing important laws like texting while driving.

Right now, as we speak, I'm sure all the pension padding public officials are on their way to Florida looking for condos to escape the ridiculously high state taxes they created. It's the final curtain call to the scam they and their families perpetrated on you. The system makes it very difficult for challengers to be heard (unless they start their own blogs of course).
Cuomo announces expansion of pension investigation : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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