Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doctor letter was a fake and my brother Pat report that the Sean Doctor letter in today's Buffalo News was a fake. They had a few people fooled, myself included, with their clever practical joke. What a childish and ridiculous prank. Why didn't I think of it first? Here is the fake letter from today's paper:

Buffalo firefighters need to stick together

Since starting at the Fire Department, I’ve always worked two full-time jobs. During that time, certain chiefs tried to hold me back. Now they know what it feels like to have money taken from them. If it’s not the chiefs, it’s City Hall holding me back. Enough is enough. Can I get my donation back from Mayor Byron Brown?

Now that we are all back on the same team, we should stick together. This should be an eye-opener to certain officers in our department. Let us do what we have to to make ends meet. I was always part of a team. People should not take it personally that I am willing to work hard.

Sean Doctor
Buffalo Fire Department Buffalo

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