Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter to the editor- union support of state Democrats

I don't have a problem with the unions. It is their job to get the best benefits and working conditions for their membership. I do have a problem with poorly negotiated contracts that end up costing the taxpayers and anybody trying to do business in New York state. This letter writer points out that unions traditionally give money to and support the state Democrats endorsed by the political machine. There seems to be growing division between the taxpayer and the public sector unions as demonstrated by letters like this:

Private enterprise, taxpayers get fleeced

How does this make sense? On local news broadcasts, I watched public union members picketing because of the possibility of a temporary loss of the 4 percent raise they were scheduled to receive. A union official decried the injustice of it all during an interview. He thought it despicable that such a thing could take place.
Last time I checked, public unions throw massive support to the Democrats who run the state government. In turn, the Democrats vote for issues the unions favor, which in part is why the state is in a catastrophe now. It seems to me all those pickets should look at just who they voted for and what demands they, the unions, hammerlocked Albany into supporting.
In the end, private enterprise and the taxpayer get fleeced.

Charles Schwendler
Orchard Park

$12,000 firefighter payback is projected : City Hall : The Buffalo News

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