Wednesday, May 9, 2012

School Board Survey

Congratulations to the Buffalo School Board on the terrific job they are doing. You can tell all of their self promotion and back slapping is really resonating with the citizens. 34% of the South Buffalo respondents to this survey, obviously don't understand how much of a liar Lou Petrucci is. This guy will embellish anything to make himself look good. Ask him about the time he earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam or took home the Congressional Medal of Honor. Unfortunately, he couldn't accept them in person, as he was too busy receiving the Nobel Peace Prize...

Fifty percent of voters said they do not approve of the job the School Board is doing, compared with 32 percent who said they approve.

The strongest negative feelings were in the Delaware District, where 67 percent indicated disapproval, versus 19 percent approval; the South District: 58 percent disapproval and 34 percent approval; and the Ellicott District, 53 percent disapproval and 30 percent approval. Jason McCarthy represents most of the Delaware District; Louis J. Petrucci, all of the South District; and Mary Ruth Kapsiak, most of the Central District.
Voter support is shown for BTF on evaluations

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