Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball clips

I put together a list of some great and bizarre moments in baseball. There are countless more I'm sure.It just seems like the fans were more a part of the game in the past. I hope Rogo and my cousin Paul Blake(two of the biggest baseball fans I know) approve of it.
9.)86' Mets parachute man- Some crazy New York City lawyer lands on the out field just before the famous rally (Bill Buckner's error) in game six with a sign that read Go Mets! It looked like his 8 year old kid drew the sign.I remember watching the game at home. I think this wacko fan got everyone in the crowd going. I could not find video of this landing but a picture of it is at the top.

8.) Mark "the bird" Fidrych. A real life Forrest Gump. This guy played with a lot of enthusiasm and was known to talk to the ball at times.

7.)Hank Aaron's record breaking home run. Check out the two fans congratulating him as he goes around 2nd base:

6.)Cubs fan Steve Bartman being escorted out of Wrigley Field after he got in the way of a catchable ball to prevent his own team from winning a playoff game:

5.)Also in Chicago (but this time at Comiskey Park),Disco Demolition Night. A local radio station put an end to the disco era by blowing up disco records out in center field. The ensuing fires and riot weren't part of the original promotion:

4.)Ten cent beer night in Cleveland. Another great idea.

3.)Reggie Jackson dodging and running over fans to get to the dugout in the era before security became really necessary:

2.)Earl Weaver getting tossed out of a game. He and the umpire were both miked. I like at 2:00 where he brags to the ump that he's going to be in the Hall of Fame. The ump says, "for what? Blowing the World Series?

1.)Two fans came out on the field and tried to burn the American flag in some type of political protest in Los Angeles. Dodgers outfielder Rick Monday races to the flag and grabs it before they could light it. Some people call it the greatest play in baseball history.


  1. 26 year old Robin Ventura charging the mound only to be put in a head lock and punched in the head six times by 46 year old Nolan Ryan.

  2. that is a very memorable one. believe it or not, i was going to put it in. i guess i was looking for things involving fans on the field. i remember that incident well.

    please say hello to willie stargell for us.

  3. Dusty Bakers 3 year old bat boy son wandering onto the field during the 2002 world series is another good one