Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland's grandson was here as his grandfather was honored with a wooden statue at his namesake's high school in Buffalo. No word yet on whether any of the students burned it down yet. On a side note, three out of four students had previously thought Grover Cleveland was a backup Wide Receiver for the Buffalo Bills...

Grover Cleveland's kin seeks roots, finds a family tree
Buffalo high school honors a favorite son

By Tom Buckham

Posing beside the wood carving of Grover Cleveland, his elbow resting on the top hat cradled in the statue's right arm, George Cleveland bore a strong resemblance to his grandfather — right down to the full, drooping mustache.
The New Hampshire resident was revisiting his ancestral roots Monday to help dedicate the lacquered likeness of the 22nd and 24th president — the only one to serve split terms — at Grover Cleveland High School.

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