Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paladino starts campaign to clean out the rats

Carl Paladino officially began his campaign yesterday...

ALBANY - Carl Paladino, his gubernatorial campaign less than 24 hours old, went on the attack today, linking Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to the nation's subprime meltdown, tagging Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as the leader of a corrupt Capitol and questioning the intelligence of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

You won't hear any other candidate talk like this. It's about time someone spoke another language besides Brian Higginsese.

"The professional politicians say I'm just mad and have no program for the future," he said. "They're dead wrong."

What's so funny about this is that is exactly what the professional politicians will say. I hope people aren't so dumb that they think they (the professional politicians) have a plan. Their "plan" is to accumulate as much money and pensions as they can and stay in office forever. Carl has a real plan: to expose them.

He said he would cut spending 10 percent, reduce optional services that make the state's Medicaid program the most expensive in the nation and "close the borders" to those coming from other states for welfare.

He's right. New York state might as well have a big sign when you cross the border. "Welcome to New York. Feel free to have both hands out. We'll take care of you. Just stay poor and keep voting for us." I understand people need help from time to time. But who hasn't heard horror stories of people on Medicaid calling ambulances when they stub their toe.

"Some of the people I oppose think they are entitled: "My daddy was governor,' " he said referring Cuomo and his father, former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo.

It almost sounds like Carl's been reading my blog. Brian Higgins, Sam Hoyt, Bill Stachowski, Andrew Status Quomo... All of their fathers were politicians and they feel it's their right to be in office collecting huge salaries and pensions. ENTITLED.
Hear Paladino's speech (in the following link) and decide for yourself.


  1. I want to start by saying that I am not supporting the likely democratic or republican nominees for governor, nor will I support Carl. This man makes me sick. He stands on a platform of family values - what a hypocrite! He had an illegit child, which he wife never even knew about until the girl was 8! He was known for throwing money at his children's problems to try to solve them (drug problems, getting kicked out of schools, to be specific).
    He loves to bitch and moan about government handouts - what about the numerous tax breaks that this millionaire received for his businesses??? An upscale hotel in ghetto niagara falls charging well over $200 per night... is that really trying to better the community? Were tax breaks necessary for him to start such a hotel? Were some of these "projects" & tax breaks necessary???? He is a hypocrite! People think he is an "average" joe b/c he wears clothes that are wrinkled and a yankees baseball cap and says the first thing that comes to his mind. He is a pompus jerk!

  2. You might be right. As far as his personality goes, he might have some serious flaws. I don't know him. However, I like that he is trying to shake up the current system. It's gotten so bad. The candidates that end up getting endorsed by our current system are not leaders. They are just bad actors that perpetuate the ongoing scams.