Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nushawn Williams:Rastafarian Jew?

Local AIDS spreader Nushawn Willams has completed his sentence. However, state officials want to keep him confined, and who can blame them?

Authorities say he knowingly infected 13 women, including a 13-year-old, in Chautauqua County and possibly as many as 50 women prior to being sent to state prison for four to 12 years in 1998.

Here's how he behaved in prison:
• Tossing urine at another inmate and putting that individual at risk of contracting HIV.
• Expressing a desire to infect more women with HIV upon his release, according to statements he allegedly made to another inmate.
• Arranging to have drugs smuggled into prison that he possessed and used; fighting; participating in gang activity; and possessing weapons.
Because of behavioral problems, he was thrown out of prison programs for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and for obtaining a general equivalency diploma, according to state documents.

Then, the article gets funny:

In his interview with the psychiatric examiner, Williams said he would control his sexual urges by staying "in church" and living up to Christian values.
When the examiner pointed out to him that in his prison records, he listed his faith as "Jewish," Williams dismissed it as a way to get different types of food in prison. At another point in prison, he claimed to be Rastafarian so that he would not have to cut his hair.

Reminds me of the words of Juan Epstein: "It's not easy being a Puerto Rican Jew."

AIDS predator may stay in custody indefinitely : Southern Tier : The Buffalo News

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