Monday, April 12, 2010

crime stats 4/5-4/11

Monday April 5th

112 Fredro--larceny--suspect listed.
280 Abbott--RUUV
78 Fillmore--ID theft
93 Elk--Crim mis to a car---rear window broken.
93 Elk--crim mis to a car--front drivers window broken.
280 Katherine--crim mis to a car--drivers window broken.
459 Perry--ID theft
108 MaCamley--harassment--suspect listed.
Milton/Wescott--2 arrests--marihuana--Luis E Bracero..Milton st,Jason Bracero..Milton st.
326 Mystic--Crim mis--warrant card isued.

Tuesday April 6th

83 Buffum--crim mis to a car--2 driver side windows broken.
83 Buffum--crim mis to a car--front drivers window broken.
111 Buffum--crim mis to a car--front drivers window broken.
29 Macamley--Assault--suspect listed.
1 Cazenovia Park(Casino)--crim mis--rear window broken,grafiti on glass.
1695 S Park--ID Theft
155 Bailey--Assault
767 S Division--Attempt Burglary---outside door kicked in and damage to interior door.
187 Smith--larceny--medication stolen.
10 Parkview--Burglary--laptop stoln--possible suspect listed.
170 Abbott(KFC)--Burglary---drive-thru window damaged,Makita Saw,Jackhamer,Hammerdrill stolen.
447 Bailey--larceny---$600.00 worth of copper stolen.
S Park/Tifft--larceny--Bike stolen.
29 Belveder--larceny--decorations stolen from lawn.
2199 Seneca st--Bank Robbery(M&T Bank)--1 arrest--Jeffery Cohen--Trenton st
Euclid/Prenatt--Robbery--4 to 5 males did assault victim and stole cash.1 suspect listed.

Wednesday April 7th

716 Abbott--crim mis/larceny from a car--raer pass window broken--Amp,2 speakers stolen.
2348 Seneca(Caz Liquors)--larceny--employee stole deposits.
1051 Clinton--crim mis/arceny from a trailer--roof cut open--large amount of tools removed from trailer.
77 Sage--crim mis--pas window broken--dash stolen.
201 W Woodside--larceny/fraud--withdraw large amount of money from account----in California
2250 Seneca(Family Dollar)--shoplifter/Posesion of Hypodermic needle---1 arrest--Edward Siwy...Melrose
31 Riverview--phone harassment--suspect listed.
78 Sage --crim mis to a car--pass window broken.
1514 Clinton--Contempt of court order---suspect listed.
155 Bailey--1 arrest--Criminal Impersonation/Assault--Corey Donoughe...E Milnor..Lackawanna

Thursday April 8th

111 Walter--Burglary--rear door forced--52" tv,Playstation 3 stolen.
34 Mumford--Burglary--suspect listed.
2097 Seneca--larceny--cash stolen from car--suspect listed.
320 Perry--larcenyRCA tv stolen.
Buffalo Creek Casino--larceny from a car---GPS,Camera,keys stolen.
40 Geary--crim mis to a car--steering column,dash damaged.
90 O'Connor--Burglary
1166 Abbott--UUV
63 Seminole-- phone threats
750 Ohio--tresspassing--9 arrests for tresspassing.
57 Zittle--crim mis to a car--vehicl ekicked and damaged.
772 Tifft--crim mis--vehicle damaged by injured dog.
544 Abbott--phone threats--suspect listed.
39 Fredro--Assault--suspect listed.
29 MaCamley--Assault from 4-6---1 arrest--Helen Sullivan
143 Trowbridge--tresspassing---1 arrest--Lamont Kirk--Deshler

Friday April 9th

116 Smith--larceny
16 Hayden(Trinity Catholic)--Burglary--window pryed open & damaged---posters damaged.
279 Perry--Robbery--suspect listed.
2234 Seneca--larceny--Toshiba,HD tv stolen
21 Alamo--larceny--license plates stolen.
567 Exchange--larceny froma van--rear window broken--large amount of tools and equipment stolen.
390 McKinley--1 arrest--drugs---Brandon Longo...Garfield st
S Park/Tifft--1 arrest--menacing--bb gun pointed at victim after road rage incident---Charles Wegrzyn...Fillmore ave
60 Dingens--harassment--suspect listed.
665 Perry--harassment--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Theresa Daluisio...Mineral Springs.
336 Katherine--phone harassment---warrant card issued.
30 Remoleno--phone harassment--suspect listed.
15 Como--crim mis--door to house damaged---1 arrest---Brandon Starkweather.
2330 Seneca--1 arrest--marihuana--Paul Dalton...Savona...West Seneca
565 Abbott--Road Rage--1 arrest--DWI---Daniel Nowak..Abbott rd

Saturday April 10th

93 Leddy--UUV
Southside/S Legion--larceny--orange mongoose bike stolen--suspect listed.
Edson/Seneca--larceny--cash stolen--suspect listed.
27 Junior--larceny--cash stolen from coffee table.
129 Louisianna--larceny from 3-13-10--1 arrest---Jason Norris...Parkview
26 Riverview--threats
31 Vandalia--1 arrest-Disorderly conduct--Christopher Piniero..Cornelia st
Sheffield/S Park--Contempt of Court order--1 arrest-Gilbert Reyes...Abbott
24 Princeton--crim mis--front window broken
67 Altruria--1 arrest--Contempt of Court order---Gilbert Reyes...Abbott rd
Tifft/S Park--menacing---unk suspect did point a gun at victims and fled down Tifft.
26 Strathmore--1 arrest--drugs--Danielle Wittek...Warsaw..Lackawanna
Harvey/S Park--Assault--1 arrest--Jesse Mediak...Exchange st
8 Parkview--threats--suspect listed.
70 Bloomfield--crim mis--car window broken.

Sunday April 11th

31 Dismonda--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken,Alpine CD player,2 Amps,CD's tools stolen.
Smith/S Park--1 arrest--disorerly/Assault/Resisting arrest---Christopher Urbanczyk..Greybuck..Franklinville
1669 S Park--1 arrest--possesion forged inspection sticker/marihuana--Lamont B Kirk--Broadway
2066 Clinton--Burglary/Gang Assault--suspect and several others forced way into house and asaulted victim.
95 Densmore--larceny--jewelry stolen
299 OKell--larceny--storm grate stolen--2 arrests--Daniel Dyson..Monroe..lackawanna,Daniel J Covell..Mackinaw st
515 Fuhrman--larceny from a car---purse,Nintendo DS stolen.
515 Fuhrman--crim mis--front car window broken.
270 Abbott--UUV
321 McKinley--theft of services--suspect did not pay for cab ride.

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