Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trash all over the place

I blame the government for many things on here but I really can't blame them for this. People in the city just have zero respect for their neighborhoods.

This is a picture of an empty lot between Tops on South Park/Bailey and the automated car wash. My friend Greg Powers works tirelessly to keep his business clean. People choose to throw garbage out of their cars and onto the land. His family has invested in the city and this is how neighbors thank them.

The first thing people see when they come into a city is litter (or the absence of it.) Neighborhood cleanups are great but how about really cracking down on the scumbags who do this. I've seen people two or three times this winter just toss their happy meals out their car windows. People caught doing this should have to spend a whole day picking the stuff up. If they are going to act like kids, the law should treat them as such. This is a quality of life issue the city should target.

We always see people in orange jumpsuits picking up trash along the highways. How about some program where able bodied males do the same in the neighborhoods? There are no shortage of government handouts. How about having people give back a little? Maybe I'm off base, but I think there's no reason for our area to look like this every spring and summer. Other areas don't tolerate it.

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