Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kennedy gets rude reception at group home event

Tim Kennedy has had a rough start in his bid for State Senate. First, respected Assemblyman Mark Schroeder announced that he would not be supporting Kennedy, going so far as to label his campaign "disrespectful". Kennedy's campaign lost immediate credibility when it was discovered that G. Steven Pigeon was now pulling his strings. The local derelict Pigeon recently ran the unsuccessful campaigns of Paul Clark and "Baby Slow" Mesi.

Now, as you will see in this video, Kennedy gets an earfull from the residents of a South Buffalo People Inc. group home. Perhaps the people in the crowd were still upset at "little Timmy" for his recent support of mayor Byron Brown over one of his own neighbors. That's all you really need to know about Kennedy. He put his own political ambitions ahead of the neighborhood. In the September primary, he'll have to answer back to the neighborhood...


  1. Isnt supporting someone because he is from your neighborhood prostituting yourself? Isnt that the same thing as giving someone you know a job. I thought you were supposed to support candidates based on their viewpoints, not their proximity to you. Weird.

  2. Supporting a candidate who has done nothing for South Buffalo (Brown) and then turning around and asking South Bflo residents to vote for him. Kennedy is going to find out people don't soon forget (and don't worry. I'll be hear to remind them.)

    Yea, and Kennedy supports people based on their viewpoints? Give me a break.