Thursday, April 29, 2010

New police chief at South District

Byron Brown must have heard that Brian Strobele was doing a great job and didn't want it to affect his reputation of being a lackluster mayor. Strobele was let go yesterday sending shock waves throughout the block club community. From the Buffalo News:

Meanwhile, the president of a citywide coalition of block clubs said she is bitterly disappointed that the mayor has demoted South District Police Chief Brian S. Strobele. Brown has named Patrick M. Pascall chief. Linda J. Freidenberg, president of the Board of Block Clubs, called Strobele’s demotion “a big mistake” and “a few steps backward in the development of good crime-prevention practices in Buffalo.” Strobele returned to his lieutenant’s post.
“Every block club in South Buffalo loved him,” Freidenberg told The Buffalo News. “He went out of his way to help us.”
While Freidenberg doesn’t know Pascall, she said, she believes that the mayor should have followed the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Patrick Pascall is a good man. I know him and his brother Mike is in line to be our next Lieutenant Governor. I wish him well. This isn't meant to be any knock on him. For those of you who don't know, Brian Strobele sends me the popular South District crime reports that I republish each week in this blog. It would be great if Pascall can continue sending this information out as I think people appreciate knowing who is committing crimes and where they are committing them. The report the city sends out is not even close in detail to what Strobele sent out. If Pascall can't do it, perhaps he can appoint someone under him to do so. In any event, it would be great if these reports could continue. I wish Pat Pascall luck and I'd like to thank Brian for the great work he did over there the last few years.
Brown is on the defensive for demoting 2 police chiefs : City & Region : The Buffalo News
Here is the email Strobele sent out to block club leaders and crackpots such as myself:
Thank-you to everyone for all the great thoughts and well wishes,it means a lot to me.
I just want to let everyone know that 2 1/2 years ago the Mayor took a chance on me and gave me a very important job in the Buffalo Police dept .I had never even met the Mayor in person before the job offer or made any Political donation to him. I did after I was hired,I felt it was what I needed to do
I gratefully excepted the position as Chief of A District and did my best,also knowing that is was never Political.The last year was very difficult for me,trying to run a District with an election between Councilman Kearns and the mayor.
I did my best to balance the City of Buffalo's wishes as well as do my best for the councilman and issues he needed within the district.,also with all 4 of the Councilman in the A District..
I am disappointed that I had to step down,but I am not mad. I enjoyed the job very much and was very fortunate to have the opportunity of a lifetime that most will never experience.
It was also very tough on the staff at A District. I went from a Lieutenant in Communications to being in charge of a District and trying to run things as smooth as possible.
Councilman Kearns is a great man and he is doing a wonderful job and I hope he continues for many years to come.My support stayed with Mayor Brown because of my appointment. I never made it personal.
Whatever the reason for my removal,I will always be grateful for the chance to run the District,to have met so many wonderful people that care about this great City of Buffalo, without all of you this City would be done.Keep up all your hard work.

Brian Strobele

I will not be involved in any crime stats,maybe the new Chief will.

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