Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day snub

While all the big shots were at the Buffalo Irish Center celebrating my late Uncle Tom's famous St. Patrick's Day luncheon, I was enjoying the three piece special across the street at KFC. Some rats reported to me about an incident that took place during the event.

According to one witness, Bishop Kmiec turned his back on candidate Chris Fahey and walked over to Mickey Kearns and thanked him for his opposition to gay marriage and late term abortions. Witnesses were stunned, from what I'm told. Things got really weird when Jesus himself appeared and walked Mickey over to the bar and bought him a drink.

Makes you wonder what's up with the Erie County Conservative Party? Maybe they should change their name to the Sometimes We're Conservative Party. Despite Fahey's support for gay marriage and late term abortions, the Conservatives gave him their endorsement. I guess business is more important to them than their supposed principles.This is the same group targeting Mark Grisanti over his gay marriage vote. Talk about hypocrisy. Later, the Bishop stuck around the bar and talked some more politics...


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