Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three more seek Kearns' vacant seat

There are now six people officially in contention to be appointed to Mickey Kearns' vacant Council seat. A nurse, a professional kickboxer, and a nurse who wants to be a professional kickboxer. Linda Bain, Patrick Burke, A.J. Verel, and Jovino Morales joined Tim Whalen and Matt Fisher in their submitting paperwork this week. I wish all six good luck, as it does takes guts to put your name out there. Perhaps blog contributor Burke can give us the real explanation behind this. Whatever it is, I'll believe him over Kennedy...

Patrick B. Burke, who worked as an aide to then-Erie County Legislator Timothy M. Kennedy about six years ago, filed documents Friday. Burke is currently a bartender at the Buffalo Irish Center, according to his resume.

Even though he claimed on his resume that he worked for Kennedy for several months, a spokesman for Kennedy said Burke was not an aide, but in fact an unpaid intern who was only with the office for about a week.

I feel bad for anyone who thinks this is an actual interview process. The Council members will be talking to political operatives and picking the one they feel will do their bidding. I remember when about a dozen people, including Mickey Kearns, "applied" for Mark Schroeder's vacant County Legislature seat. Some had impressive resumes and were very good speakers. Tim Kennedy grabbed a pair of pom poms and began a cheerleading rant for the local Democratic machine. I was legitimately embarrassed for him. Of course, he was already their handpicked choice. Who needs a skill set when you're willing to prostitute yourself to Brian Higgins and the neighborhood hacks?

***(Note:Patrick Burke did respond to this article via email. And I believe what he says based on Tim Kennedy's reputation as a liar and a fink)...

I read the News article and I'm a little surprised at the audacity but not from the person it is coming from. Fact is, I submitted my resume to the clerk's office along with a cover letter explaining my opinions on the seat. Out of 5 work experiences listed on the resume #5 was Aide to then County legislator Tim Kennedy. I was an unpaid intern. (I see aid and intern as synonyms) I worked in his office for the better part of six months not a week. I even represented him in meetings. In one instance, I was Kennedy's representative for a meeting with Mark Schroeder, Mickey Kearns, Father Art, Father Judge and a Mr. Barnes. It was the discussion of the school merger which resulted in St. Martins becoming Notre Dame Academy. Throughout my time there, I became quite disheartened with Kennedy's politics and I distanced myself from him. We grew further apart from there. When I supported Jimmy Griffin over Jim Keane, I saw Kennedy at a Lawn Fete where he and another political insider accosted me and asked me, "Burkey, why don't you like being a winner?" My response was that I was a lifelong Red Sox fan and that there are worse things then losing.
Bottom line is that I did work in a legislative office for six months and when putting in a resume to be a public representative that is kind of important. I absolutely do not want to be categorized as a Kennedy staffer.

Three more throw hat in ring for South District Council seat


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