Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Highlights of debate

In this clip, Kearns challenges Fahey to talk about the $30,000 in taxpayer funded raises he's received as well as the $150,000 he's received from criminal Sheldon Silver. Fahey's response is both telling and meek. Notice the folding of the arms at 0:32, a clear nonverbal cue that he is caught in a lie. Watch for yourself and you be the judge...

The best line of the debate had to be this one by Kearns. One of the reporters asked a question about Governor Cuomo and the Bills' lease. Fahey gave a quick response giving the predictable company line. Kearns then said, "The guys that support him? They're Jets and Giants fans. I'm a Bills fan. l'm a local guy." Classic line...


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