Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Status Cuomo at it again

I warned you about this guy during the election. The Cuomos love making New York a destination for people interested in living off the state. Andrew's budget increases the amount of money given out in welfare by 10%. Is that what he meant when he talked about job growth? From WIVB...

ALBANY, NY (AP) - A senior Cuomo administration official says the tentative New York state budget will boost the basic social services benefit by 10 percent.

The basic welfare grant is about $350 a month for a family of three.

People willing to work will continue leaving the state. Those looking for a "Social services friendly" environment will replace them. I understand not everyone on welfare is a bad person and I'm all for helping the poor. However, I'd rather see Cuomo invest our tax money into the working poor. All this does is increase the incentive for many to not look for work.

NYS Budget social service benefits


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