Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ralph's not dead and Thurman's not entering politics

Former Bill Thurman Thomas publicly denied rumors that he was planning on challenging Congressman Brian Higgins. From Thomas' Twitter account...

"Why so i can have a bunch of clowns ravage my personal life? No thanks!" he said.

If I was on Higgins' team, I'd have someone walk around all summer with the helmet he lost before one of the Super Bowls. Seriously, Thomas was a great player and certainly smart enough. But then again, I don't feel any political job requires too much intelligence.

Former Bills' Guard Reuben Brown is also rumored to be entering local politics. However, his status as a candidate is currently on "hold." Running Back Ronnie Harmon conducted a listening tour of Erie County before the last County Executive's race, but "dropped" plans to run at the last minute. Then, there's J.P. Lossman. After he gets cut from his next Arena team, we hear he may be looking for a state post. We tried to contact Lossman for comment but, you guessed it, the call was intercepted. OK, it's time to go to bed.

Seriously, of all the Super Bowl Bills mentioned for local political races (Kelly, Smerlas, Thomas), the only player to actually run was former Offensive Lineman Justin Cross. A political unknown (and really an unknown while on the Bills), Cross lost an unexpectedly close race to the late Assemblyman Richard Keane.

Thurman Thomas says no to congressional bid


  1. Be prepared to have Kevin Overdorf, Tim Whalen, and Lou Petrucci jammed down your throat as the next South District Councilman.

  2. Overdorf would be a good choice

  3. i would vote for Mike over all three. smarter and has devoted himself to the community.

  4. Is probably go with Overdorf also.The other two are career kiss assers!!