Sunday, March 11, 2012

She was charged with what?

This story is due to make national headlines based on sheer absurdity alone. Brockport Village Mayor Connie Castaneda has been charged with misconduct. It all stems some obscure Village law banning more than three unrelated people from living under the same roof. ??????

I have a feeling the Village Police Chief is going to receive a great deal of scrutiny over this. Whose business is it, if unrelated people live under the same roof? It's not too often I take the side of a politician, but Ms. Castaneda is clearly the target of a political enemy...

Brockport Mayor Connie Castaneda was arrested Friday and accused by the village police chief of turning her home into an illegal rooming house. Chief Daniel Varrenti says the mayor violated a village law barring more than three unrelated people from living in the same home.

Normally that would lead to a simple code violation, not a criminal charge, but Varrenti told reporters that Castanada had abused her position by knowingly violating codes that, as a city official, she was obligated to enforce.
Mayor of Brockport Charged with Misconduct |

We have some rare footage of the Police Chief Varrenti enforcing this important law...


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