Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joe predicts an end to Higgins' dynasty

South Buffalo Joe was not finished. The next night, I saw him doing shots of Jack Daniels with some of his work buddies at Stankey's. He had a message he wanted to give the self appointed "First Families" of South Buffalo. People like Joe can only take so much arrogance before they begin to act. The Kearns' rout should have been a wake up call for the privileged. However, they seem intent on trying to force feed more of their entitled bums down the rest of our throats. South Buffalo Joe finished his long shift over at Len-Co Lumber and was not in a conciliatory mood...

These arrogant career political hacks have had their day. High Pants, Frog Face Keane and the rest of these small minded rubes will soon be out of political power and condemned to live out their remaining days in their Orchard Park mansions and Florida condos. High Pants can go back to saving Africa with Bono, and he can continue to stroke his massive ego through trying to impress people with his incorrect Irish-American Gaelic. Frog Face can go back to reminding everyone he is a "Keane" and that translates to royalty, at least in his book.

These people.....unbelievable! What a bunch of chowder-heads! Is this the best South Buffalo has to offer? Fools such as these?

How did these clowns get elected to higher office in the first place, much less maintain these positions for all those years? They did absolutely nothing for the average, non-politically active resident of South Buffalo.

Yet, every St Patrick's Day these phony Irishmen would fly back into Buffalo from their compounds in Florida, dress themselves in green from head to toe, mug for every camera they could find and try to con the rest of us that they were working hard in Washington, Albany, County or City Hall. Then they'd disappear till Primary Day--the real Election Day in heavily Democratic Western New York, unfortunately. After being re-elected, you wouldn't hear a thing again from them till the next election.

Meanwhile, South Buffalo lost more and more good paying jobs and skilled workers everyday, while these clowns became concerned with nothing but self-preservation and increasing the size of the public sector with jobs for their family and friends.

It sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. That's the saddest part of this tale.

I for one have had enough of the First Families of South Buffalo, the brainless political hacks who do as their told, the bar room loudmouths who support these crooked politicians and the status quo by bullying dissenters, and most of all these thieving, under-achieving, no-talent local politicians themselves that we have here in the South Buffalo Democratic machine.

Time to send High Pants and Frog Face packing. They've done enough damage to put us back at least four or five generations in this area.

Keep on after them, Mr. Blake. I for one am rooting for you! Remember, they're scared of you and this blog. It's obvious. You have them on the ropes.


South Buffalo Joe




  2. Think your so fucken smart than say this shit to congressmen Higgins face. Same gos for senator Keene. Lots of guys like talken shit when they can hide behind a fucken computer screen and shit. Sounds like you need straitening out "JOE".

  3. your=you're fucken=fucking gos=goes senator keene=??? talken=talking and shit.............get to AA.

    1. South Buffalo RichardApril 4, 2012 at 6:59 AM

      You let South Buffalo Joe have press time. Who is South Buffalo Joe and why did he get evicted? Inquiring minds want to know. For that matter how did you get an award from a TV show? We do not know when you are serious or not. Maybe this is pure entertainment.
      I am laughing, but I am also sad. Taoism should be studied by you. For the real residents of South Buffalo deserve some one who is more concerned with the greater good than his own agenda. Peace!

  4. He got evicted because he didn't pay his rent. He spent all of it at OTB and the liquor store. My own agenda is the greater good. The TV show award is an old joke. On the old show WKRP in Cincinnati, the reporter Les Nessman would always be introduced as a 5 time winner of the Buckeye News Hawk Award. Anyway, it's a long story how this blog came to be. The powers that be used to ignore me and tell people I was dumb. This was just my way of becoming part of the conversation.

  5. Obviously I'm not Joe, as he has a completely different writing style. He can actually write well.