Monday, March 12, 2012

Higgins' latest dud

I thought this was kind of funny. Candidate Chris Fahey is apparently a member of the Mitt Romney "Say anything to get elected" School of campaigning. His website talks about his desire to change campaign finance rules...

Tighten campaign finance rules for state and local elections.

Federal campaign finance laws and regulations are generally much more restrictive than those governing state and local elections in New York State. The state’s laws and regulations should be tightened to bring them into line with federal standards. This would reduce campaign cash and its influences without drawing extensive constitutional review, because the existing federal standards have stood up to scrutiny in the courts.

This sounds great, but carries no credibility when Chris' OWN campaign is being financed by Sheldon Silver and New York City special interests! I guess this is why I could never be a politician. I could never profess one thing and then do exactly the opposite. Of all the issues out there, you would think Fahey would have said, "I've taken over $150,000 from New York City criminals. Maybe I'm not the guy to talk about changing campaign finance rules." But I guess when you're a "resume builder" with no volunteer experience in neighborhood activities, you have to say something. It astounds me how few people Fahey knows outside of the clique. If it were your desire to seek public office, wouldn't you use the last decade to go out and meet people? I guess when you make $88,000/yr rubbing Brian Higgins' back, you wouldn't want to lower yourself by mingling with the unwashed masses. Get the gong on standby for Higgins' latest dud! I think we might need it...


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