Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kearns defeats Fahey

Some thoughts gathered while wondering how 11,000 doors and $500,000.00 translates into 5,000 votes?...

-Congratulations to Mickey Kearns on defeating Brian Higgins' handpicked candidate, Chris Fahey tonight. Kearns is a very good politician. The first time he won, he defeated Brian Higgins' choice for Councilman, Jeff Conrad. Now, after being snubbed by the Democratic machine and outspent 10-1 by the "career politicians", Kearns defeated Fahey as a Republican in a heavily Democratic district. Fahey, in my opinion, is a bright guy, but a guy who was very willing to forfeit his integrity at the chance for power. I'm glad the voters knew better.

-Kearns' inner circle of Mark "Rogo" Rogowski, Rick Hall, Kevin O'Connor, and Mike "Guido" DiPalma simply outclassed and outworked Higgins' Lieutenants, in my opinion. These guys were everywhere the last few months promoting their candidate. I think Brian Higgins and Mark Schroeder worked hard, but the last few weeks, I saw Kearns' signs everywhere. Where were the guys doing the grunt work for Fahey? On their taxpayer funded yachts perhaps? Maybe his spokesperson will have the answer to that question tomorrow.

-How was Kearns able to overcome the endorsement of Chris Fahey by the Buffalo News editorial board? As I said last week, this was the "Kiss of Death."People living in South Buffalo, Lackawanna, Orchard Park, and West Seneca clearly could care less about this annual paid advertisement masquerading as journalism. Kearns embarrassed Fahey in their own debate, yet these idiots had the audacity to try and sell Higgins' latest dud on to it's readers. These criminals need to go back to their Spaulding Lake homes and thank God anyone still reads their garbage. If you want to read last week's Associated Press articles, pay 75 cents and buy a paper. At least you'll have something to line your bird cage with.

-People in the old neighborhood are finally beginning to wise up. I believe Fahey's friends hurt him in this election. Everyone knows the ethically challenged man/woman on their street that has a sign on their lawn every election for whomever they are "told" to support. I think people are beginning to see this for what it is, a "badge of dishonor." Ray McGurn and his 12 member Goin' South crew, Rick Finnigan, the Circle Lady, Tim "Hortons" Kennedy, Pinnochio Petrucci, Tim Whalen, John Scanlon, Bonnie Kane, etc. These prostitutes should be tarred and feathered and thrown naked onto the next #14 bus. Just like the tax collectors during Revolutionary times...

Anyone with half a brain knows these people are only out for themselves and sold out the neighborhood years ago. Most people I know look at their neighborhood hacks' lawns and make a point to vote for anyone but that candidate. These lowlifes showed their true worth when they emphatically supported the empty suit, Byron Brown over Kearns a few years back. And what did it get them? The latest rumor (in this week's Artvoice) has Brown challenging Higgins for his Congressional seat.

-I'd be very surprised to see Higgins and company run anyone against Kearns in the Fall. If they couldn't defeat him as a Republican, they certainly can't beat him as a Democrat. And I seriously doubt they could find people willing to spend the insane amount of money they did in the past two months.

-Look for the aforementioned scum to try and fill Kearns' Council seat with another one of their Yes men. It's a process they know they can control. If that person were smart, they would find me, kiss my rings, and ask for my permission to run. The Blogger will be here, pen and pad in hand, to fill you in on the process. If Kearns' lost, anonymous readers would be rubbing it in on me. I don't know why. Kearns' victory had nothing to do with my writing. It had everything to do with people seeing right through the professional politicians and their blood money. God willing, I will be here providing my two cents on future elections. Just a nobody, living in the ghetto with a broken down laptop and a few thoughts. I'm starting to get comfortable in this role as journalist. Just another out of work Phys Ed graduate with a few loyal readers.

-Live long and prosper.



  1. Congrats to Mickey Kearns! Very proud for him. Yet are you going to give credit for the photographer. Its a given you did not take this pic

  2. Didn't you have a blog at one time? You could put your pic on that site and your 3 readers can discuss what a great photographer you are. Are you that hard up for a pat on the back? Sorry to tell you this but anyone could have taken that picture. It was mediocre at best.

  3. Fahey had on his Facebook that if you needed a ride to the poles he would pick anyone up, I guess that didn't work!

  4. The "First Families of South Buffalo" are outraged with the results of this election, and they are especially furious with you, Mr. Blake, and your blog. They believe their entitled candidate was bushwhacked and robbed of this office largely because of people like you, and what they perceive as "character asassinations" by you against Mr. Fahey and his political allies, Congressman Higgins, City Controller Shroeder and State Assemblyman Kennedy.

    For that, I salute you! Mr. Blake, we need people like you in South Buffalo who can separate phonieness from truth and self-interest from the common good. For generations political hacks have provided the army of stooges needed so the machine bosses could exploit and rob this community to death. It's high time that these brainless arrogant "followers" were put in their place. I'm glad the "ordinary Joes," the real South Buffalonians, the salt of the earth working-class people who are not beholden to some sleaze-bag City Hall ward boss for their living, came out and voted against the "First Families" and their robber barron, political party machine, overlords.

    Keep your eyes on who Jiggins and Co. will next try and force down our throats as the next South District City Council Member. Most likely it will be another one of his staffers. I'm betting on it being yet another uninpiring, brainless follower, who just happens to have been born into one of South Buffalo's more arrogant and entitled "First Families."

    I'm also thinking Jiggins must be getting tired of losing battles against Mickey Kearns. I'm sure ol' High Pants would rather be back in Washington telling everyone he and Bono are saving the world together, and that he was actually allowed to visit the Kennedy compound once. In fact, the more this fool tries to portray himself as the next Bobby Kennedy (complete with fake lisp and tossled hair), the less serious he is taken by the power brokers on Capitol Hill. I say it's time we in South Buffalo start looking for a new Congressman. Too many "followers" have made a God out of this false idol.

    -South Buffalo Joe

  5. I suppose you are going to take credit for his win even though you bad mouthed Mickey several times on this blog and will probably be calling him for a job today.I'm pretty sure you showed up at victory party once you heard he was in lead.

  6. "I suppose you are going to take credit for his win even though you bad mouthed Mickey several times on this blog and will probably be calling him for a job today.I'm pretty sure you showed up at victory party once you heard he was in lead."

    Nope. I wasn't at the party and will not be calling anybody. I didn't have a sign for Kearns and published who I voted for. If someone wants my support, they can contact me. Kearns won because of name recognition and running a better campaign. Silver's support of Fahey certainly didn't help Fahey. Higgins' forces will continue losing as long as they stick with the same people. Higgins' attempts at kingmaker have hurt his popularity.

  7. that lisp is not fake

  8. Mike start YOUR campaign for Common Council

  9. If I was intelligent enough to see through the BS Im sure there are others. Micky Kearns needed to get out of the City Council , he had made himself ineffective, Now he's going to take that same Fighting Irish spirit to Albany , and take on the Silver Surfer? OH boy ! I can't wait for the state money to come rolling in to SB.
    He was a good politician , infact he is getting better at it , unfortunately , he can't see the forest for the trees. If he was elected to the Senate , as a Republicant he would have some power , and he could possibly Parlay that into some money for SB. In the Assembly his vote will be worth Diddly. His office will be in the basement of the Senate building , Far away from any of his Associates in the LOB. He will be unable to sponsor any bills worth writing home about. and He won't get ANY cute Interns.
    The good news IS he is n't in the city council , And we could posssibly get a do over. A reboot so to speak. I know your gonna Whine about the Powers that be You NR have become to predictable , more like the angry white guy who didn't get picked for the team. Oh well if that works for you. Hey I got it! Maybe we need a Conservative Candidate for City council, or Maybe a Working Families Party Registered Candidate How about an Independently Wealthy , oops! I mean Independent.

  10. "In the Assembly his vote will be worth Diddly. His office will be in the basement of the Senate building , Far away from any of his Associates in the LOB. He will be unable to sponsor any bills worth writing home about. and He won't get ANY cute Interns."

    So you think Kearns should support a known criminal (Silver) in order to get more funding? Kearns was the lesser of two evils in this race. I'm an outsider. I have no problem standing on the outside educating people on their lies. I said from day one, I don't mind being an outsider but I will be part of the conversation. Fahey sold his soul, had party backing,outspent Kearns 10-1, and had almost every union endorsement, yet still lost. People could see right through him.

  11. Support is such a strong word, I prefer "not antagonize". In the Realm of reality on any level, in business , at work , in your home , in friendships. it is a common truth that you cannot,antagonize,or belittle, or bite the hand that feeds you,and by you I mean his constituents.