Friday, March 9, 2012

Kearns responds to latest false ad

WGRZ did a story on Chris Fahey's latest false ad. Fortunately, I think the word is getting out about the people backing him. South Buffalo residents are not dumb and will see right through these career politicians.

Brian Higgins has made a great name for himself over the years with his own career. However, by using lies to promote obvious duds like Fahey and others, Higgins is doing irreparable damage to his own reputation. Great leaders surround themselves with smart people. I don't know why he doesn't extend the olive branch to good people in the neighborhood. Most people see right through these duds (Fahey, Whalen, Kennedy, Conrad). Seems pretty simple to me. And accepting $150,000 from Sheldon Silver? Why would Higgins' candidate want to be connected to this notorious Albany insider/criminal?

Kearns really hasn't had to do anything in this campaign. Most people I talk to are so offended by Fahey's tactics, they would have voted for anybody over him...


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