Saturday, March 17, 2012

Child abuse

If you're one of those parents forcing your sons to stay involved with Irish Dancing after the age of 9, what the hell is wrong with you? Does it mean that much to you to walk with the group of parents during the parades? If the boy happens to be gay and wants to continue, let him continue. There's nothing wrong with that and not a big deal, then. Or if they're straight and they're trying to use the dance moves to score with the lasses, then good for them I say.

However, in most cases, neither one of these scenarios is true. It's usually some overzealous parents who care more about their ancestry than their kids or even those actually living in Ireland. Did it ever occur to you that your 13 year old son is the only boy up on the stage? If you are that proud of your heritage, do something constructive. Let him start drinking Guinness regularly at the age of 12. If you keep parading your son out at these events, the damn kid's going to end up in therapy someday. Social status is not that important. Chances are most of your neighbors probably know you are proud to be Irish based on your green slacks and the "England, Get out of Ireland" bumper sticker on the back of your car. There is no need to embarrass your child. By the way, St. Patrick was Italian...


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