Thursday, March 15, 2012

Buffalo News sells out South Buffalo voters

The Buffalo News gives Chris Fahey the "Kiss of Death". Bought and paid for by Brian Higgins...

Chris Fahey, the entitled, handpicked candidate of the Western New York and Albany political bosses, received what amounts to the "kiss of death" today. The Buffalo News, the most out of touch, corrupt media outlet in WNY, gave him their not so coveted endorsement. The editorial Board, comprised of Amherst and Clarence residents, pretends to know what's going on in the city at least once a year. They've never gone against any of Brian Higgins' handpicked stooges and are obviously in his pocket. Why should this year be any different?

Fortunately for Mickey Kearns, most the residents of South Buffalo stopped shelling out 75 cents a day for yesterday's news a long time ago-literally. Today, for example, they told their readers about drug dealers shoplifting Tide detergent, the same story the Huffington Post ran last week. Sorry guys. Already read it.

Anyone who watched the News' own debate knows Kearns is clearly the more honest candidate. Fahey, with his $88,000/year no-show job and $150,000 in New York City contributions, came off as the political pawn that he is. He's basically accepted the fact that his votes and policies will be for sale. But, next Tuesday, you and your neighbors don't have to support corruption.

The best part of the gibberish the News passes as opinion comes when they make a feeble effort to defend career politicians. Seriously. After 50 years of corruption, high gas prices, population loss, tolls, and high taxes, the Buffalo News thinks what we need are more career politicians, groomed directly by the crooks to steal more of our money. You couldn't make this stuff up...

Fahey would be, in many ways, a traditional choice -- not necessarily a bad thing. For all the pervasive criticism of "professional politicians," there is nothing inherently wrong with having experience in the field in which you propose to work. The risk is that "traditional" translates into the usual blind support of Democratic interest groups, including unions.

Not necessarily a bad thing? More like a terrible thing! The last thing anyone wants is another career politician stealing our money and creating more patronage jobs. Get a job! Fahey has accepted over $150,000 in campaign donations from Albany's biggest sleazeball, Sheldon Silver. Yes, the same Sheldon Silver who sold out WNY on UB 2020. If you or your neighbors are dumb enough to elect this crook-in-waiting (Fahey), you deserve everything you get.

Thank God blogs like mine are putting corrupt rags like the Buffalo News out of business. They know as much about what is going on in South Buffalo as I know about Clarence or Grand Island. Their editorial board is a long running joke in this community.

Directly into pockets
Fahey for Assembly



  1. Your blog is putting the news out of business? You are delusional.

  2. Blakey, you make a lot of sense, brother. This Fahey lummox, is as dullwitted as just about every other stooge Jiggins surrounds himself with. I guess somebody has to applaud Jiggins' tales of his sipping tea with Bono and how he actually met a Kennedy once. Top it off, that egomaniac Jiggins actually had the gaul to pay this braindead fatboy $88,000 a year just to hold his coat and kiss his ass.

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid this jughead will win this race. What's even more unfortunate is that the only people who get out and vote on Election Day is the army of political hacks with soft city/county/state and federal jobs who owe their living to the local Democratic machine and Jiggins. They are not allowed to think for themselves. They do as they're ordered to do. That's the price for selling your soul for a City job and a parks/pools job in the summer for your kid. Most of the regular guys in this neighborhood, like you and I who don't owe any sleazy politician are soul, stay home Election Day and that's why this area gets one retarded stooge after another voted into public office.

    It's sad, my friend, but I fear Fatso the Lapdog will win and be in office for as long as he and Jiggins want him there.

    The only way you'll ever change things is to eradicate the current New York State Election Laws, as well introduce restrictive campaign finance reform legislation. However, no elected politician would ever touch either of these two things because the one keeps them in their job, and the other one makes them wealthy while being in their job. So prepare yourself for Fatboy the Dimwit and a whole new generation of "entitled ones" waiting for their call up from Jiggins.

  3. "Your blog is putting the news out of business? You are delusional."

    No. Blogs like mine, as well as social networking sites like Twitter and FB are putting the News out of business. Have you seen how many reporters they've gotten rid of lately? My blog is just a drop in the bucket. I realize that. But, less and less people are buying the paper. Why would anyone pay for yesterday's news?

  4. You're both wrong, the news put it self out if business by not introducing a paywall 5 years ago. This added revinue would have given the Buffalo News the capital and resources to do some legitimate reporting. The journalistic standards of the news have been subpar for decades and itt's only gotten worse. Unfortunately the roots of journalism have been diseased by cable news networks and money. The facts are that our nation has only 3-4 respected dailys and they've made grave mistakes that have left journalism hanging by a thread.

    I'm a 31 year old voter that gets news from multiple sources. I feel that Kearns and Fahey have both dropped the ball in conveying their platforms to the constituents of the 145th. I'll be voting for Fahey for a few reasons. You can knock the political machine all you want but it's a well oiled machine on both sides of the asile. Higgins has been in Washington for quite sometime and until the Republicans took the majority he was in a very good position to do some good (The Ways and Means Commity) and he did. He is and has made some strides for WNY, maybe not to everyone's liking but that's politics. We don't know all the ins and outs of being on The Hill and probably never will as civilians. From what I've heard about Kearns is that he is out for Kearns and Kearns alone. This has come for former staff members and small business owners in South Buffalo. I don't know what Fahey is about no one does, so that's why I'm going to give him a chance and if he fails then he fails. I believe that Schroeder's term expires in January anyway so whoever wins will have just a few months to show what kind of representative they'll be.

    *Forgive any typos or grammatical errors, I tapped this on my phone.

  5. Yours was a good comment considering you sent it from your phone, Sean.

    "I don't know what Fahey is about no one does, so that's why I'm going to give him a chance and if he fails then he fails."

    The problem with this is that once one of these guys gets in there, it's almost impossible to get them out. There will be a primary this Fall regardless of who wins this election.I think the reelection rate for state lawmakers is in the high 90s. The only way they lose is to do something completely immoral (and get caught). I watched the debate. I can tell you this about Fahey: He will say anything and doesn't stand for anything. The fact that his campaign is being funded by the biggest criminal in NY politics (Sheldon Silver) ought to give you a clue on his moral compos.

  6. Look that debate was insulting to voters. The formate was rediculous as we're the questions. Bob McCarthy is an idiot, I don't think anyone will disagree. Incumbents have had a high reelection rate in the past. I think with social media more people my age are getting more information (wither or not that information is viable is another story). Either way it gets people talking and having disscusions that wouldn't be had otherwise. Silver is a slime ball, no doubt but his days are numbered. Fahey will have to have the balls to stand up for 145th like Schroeder did. From what I heard come out of Kearns' mouth and his actions I don't see him doing it. Our state government is broken, it's a well known fact. Reform is inevitable, but Kearns will say anything to get a vote too. Don't they all?

  7. Another reason I like Fahey is that he's got nothing to lose and everything to prove. Kearns has a family and political reputation maintain, not saying that's a bad thing at all. I thInk the next generation of voters in South Buffalo are going to be well informed and will be calling bullshit when neccisary.