Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fake endorsements

I wasn't surprised to hear the career politicians had solicited Andrew Cuomo to make phone calls on behalf of Chris "11,000 doors" Fahey this week. The only thing more ridiculous was when former President Bill Clinton made "calls" on behalf of Tim Kennedy. Fahey forfeited his integrity a long time ago and clearly wants to be an Albany insider. I've said it before: If a candidate has a crook making taped robo calls for them, they will rob and steal from you themselves, if you are dumb enough to vote for them. I was surprised however, when I received a call on behalf of Mickey Kearns from former Bills Running Back O.J. Simpson...

O.J. Trial


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  1. Fahey sent me enough cardboard to build a dog house. His latest one said he has a "plan to clean up Albany". That's like cleaning up a 100-year old garbage dump. He's starting out small, as he just swept up 150,000 of those pesky dollars from Sheldon Silvers' coffers. I hope he disposed of them properly. Useless one-hit do nothing political hacks like Fahey are going to be the death of Buffalo. They don't care about you or me or their district,they are only in it for themselves.