Thursday, March 22, 2012

Higgins' faction out of touch with regular folks

I had to laugh when I read today's Buffalo News article describing the fallout from the Kearns/Fahey election. The News labeled the Brian Higgins faction as the major losers and Higgins did his best to conduct damage control...

Higgins did not respond to a request for an interview Wednesday and instead issued an email statement that did not address any questions posed by The Buffalo News. He indicated only that he believed elected incumbents often enjoy advantages in special elections.

"We have elections so the voters can decide, and they have chosen Mickey Kearns as the next representative of the 145th Assembly District," he said in his statement.

So, he refused to answer any of the News' questions, yet those fools will be the first to support Higgins and the next dud he throws at the electorate. It's a good thing most people in the neighborhood come here for the truth. And I love the line about "letting the voters decide". This, from a guy who does everything in his power to prevent the voters from even having a choice. Whether it's Tim Kennedy's coronation, Jeff Conrad's anointment, Tim Whelan's coronation, Mark Schroeder running unopposed for city Comptroller,or Chris Fahey's attempted coronation, Higgins clearly doesn't want you or I to choose our leaders. After all, we might pick someone independent and not one of his puppets. His statement here in this article is simply more proof that he cannot be trusted. If you say one thing and then do another, the Blogger will not be pleased and will hold you accountable.

Kearns won because he had name recognition and people were sick of Higgins' puppets being forced down their throats. I'll tell you another loser in this election: Rick Finnigan. He's paid $10,000 a year by Brian Higgins (taxpayer money) to gather signatures and put up signs for Higgins' handpicked stooges. If I was him, I'd be personally embarrassed by the results. Outside of the predictable McKinley Parkway cockroaches, the only Fahey signs I saw were on Columbus Avenue. Fahey and Finnigan clearly don't know people outside of "the clique" and definitely are out of touch with the neighborhoods. People hate my guts, yet I guarantee you I would have had three times the amount of signs Fahey did. The people in the clique don't know anybody outside of the clique! Fahey knocked on 11,000 doors and was able to get 11 of them to put up signs.

If Brian Higgins were smart, he'd take that $10,000 and let Rogo and Rick Hall split it. These are guys who know people in the community, because they've actually done things for people in the community. Finnigan's not fooling anyone. He's just a guy with three government jobs looking out only for himself. And I think most people are onto him and the others who act like him...

Fahey wasn't the only loser


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