Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paul Snyder: A big crybaby

Talk about a slow news day. I can't believe The Buffalo News printed an article about developer Paul Snyder's letter. Clearly, it is part of their sophomoric effort to besmirch the reputation of Carl Paladino.

And what's up with Snyder? What a grandstander. He obviously just wants to see his name in the paper. Why else would he send copies of a business letter to the local media?

Snyder, who sent copies of the letter to local news organizations and Mayor Byron W. Brown, could not be reached for additional comment Friday.

baby crying (infant)

What a baby. He reminds me of the 2nd graders I deal with every day. When one raises their hand and begins their sentence with one of their classmates' names, I stop them right there. "I'm not interested in tattle tails" is what I say before they can even complete their sentence. "Worry about yourself and yourself only" is my next sentence. Apparently, Snyder never learned this in grammar school.

The dumpster might be an eyesore, but come on. To blame it for the debacle that is downtown Buffalo is a stretch, even by the Buffalo News "journalism" standards...

Last week, Visit Buffalo Niagara, the renamed Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau, revealed that a major amateur sports conference decided to take its annual convention elsewhere, in part because of how it perceived the condition of Main Street.

Newsflash. Andrew Rudnick and his band of dinosaurs have been in charge of the task of improving downtown for a quarter of a century. These guys are terrible. How they keep their titles (I can't even call them jobs) is beyond me. Paladino has fixed up many abandoned buildings and found alternative uses for them. Should he move the dumpster? Perhaps. But to blame him for downtown's woes is way off base. Isn't Snyder the guy who sold the Buffalo Braves years ago?

Snyder blasts fellow developer Paladino on Dumpster at Main Street property


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