Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Contributor

I ran into blog contributor South Buffalo Joe the other night. And he was not in a good mood. He had just been evicted from his Duerstein Street apartment and was drowning in his sorrows over at Reckios Bowling Alley. He is not happy with Brian Higgins' most recent attempts at kingmaker. He told me he would be sending in his thoughts once he sobered up, and here they are...

Who's Jiggins going to annoint?

See, that's this fool's biggest problem: his ego. If he was a secure human being he would surround himself with the best and the brightest minds available. Instead this pathetic Bobby Kennedy impersonator only hires yes-men and coat holders. He refuses to be challenged intellectually, so instead he puts the kind of people in positions he can manipulate and control. Trouble is, this fool can't even play the hard-ass ward boss. This light-weight is no Jimmy Griffin. Griffin also surrounded himself with fools, but at least he was street smart.

This Jiggins is a clown, pure and simple. So what kind of act do we get from this circus clown? A kitschy Bobby Kennedy imitation and an army of brainless followers who never held an independent thought in their lives. Again, just nothing but more noise pollution from South Buffalo's self-annointed "First Families." Just what we need, more arrogant political hacks who feel entitled because they, their parents, their grand-parents, and their great grand parents have been greasing City Hall ward healers for as far back as they can remember. All so they can get a nice, no heavy lifting, no-show, City Hall job and a parks/pools job in the summer for their equally arrogant kids. Forget about everybody else and the good of our community!

This is why our city is the third poorest city in the nation. This is why Western New York is now described as the Appalachia of the 21st Century. We continually elect the same selfish scum over and over again, so they can line their pockets and provide only for those willing to pay the piper and play sleazy local politricks. Forget everybody else!


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